What We Mean by Anxiety “Cure”

Cures for Anxiety

What we mean by Anxiety CureThere are many ways to cure anxiety in your life and all of them are related to eliminating or managing the stress that you have.

But before discussing those cures, let's talk about what we at A Cure for Anxiety mean by "cure."

When doctors talk about a cure for a disease, they often mean a treatment a patient undergoes that eliminates that disease form their body.

Sometimes that treatment is on-going or even permanent - the patient is treated for the rest of their life. Diabetics or people with high cholesterol use this form of treatment. While not traditionally called a "cure," these treatments keep the person healthy without eliminating the "disease" itself.

Diabetics still need a form sugar and insulin in order to live. And some cholesterol is necessary for optimal health.

Similarly, the treatment or "cure" for anxiety requires this kind on-going treatment. As we explain in our courses, some anxiety is necessary to lead a safe life. In fact, a treatment (or pill) that eliminates all anxiety could prove dangerous!

What we mean by Anxiety Cure

This on-going treatment model is what we here at A Cure for Anxiety mean when we say "cure." We don't advocate eliminating anxiety or just masking its symptoms.

When you learn and master the anxiety "cure" we recommend, you'll be able to live the life you desire without the pain of anxiety holding you back.

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