Understanding Anxiety and Anxiety Attacks

Understanding Anxiety and Anxiety AttacksAs odd as it may sound, fear is a normal, healthy feeling that is experienced by everyone. Fear signals that something is wrong. We can then either do something about it (“fight”) or leave the situation (“flight”).

But if they become chronic or severe, anxiety attacks begin to affect your health physically, psychologically and emotionally. Anxiety then becomes a problem that must be addressed immediately.

It often helps to determine the kind of anxiety you’re suffering from. You can then better seek an appropriate treatment for it.

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Generalized anxiety disorder, or GAD, is a continual concern or dread about every little thing without realizing the reasons why. You feel anxious about everyday activities. You're bothered that negative or harmful things may occur. You may feel sick in your stomach, tired, or restlessness. You may have trouble sleeping.

A Panic disorder is an acute form of anxiety, episodic in nature and often paralyzing during the event. Attacks are repeated and unexpected. The anxiety is exaggerated since you're never sure when a panic attack may occur.

A Phobia is an excessive and irrational fear about common things that in most cases present little if any danger. People with phobias have a tendency to avoid the things they are afraid of in order to prevent anxiety. However, avoidance just reinforces the phobia.

Post-traumatic stress disorder is an anxiety disorder that happens following a life-threatening or a traumatic event. People with PTSD are hyper-vigilant, avoiding situations or places that remind them of the event. Many PTSD sufferers have nightmares and flashbacks about the things that happened.

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Social anxiety disorder is fear of being seen negatively by others or of being humiliated in public. Stage fright is a common and well-know form of social anxiety. Social anxiety is different from ordinary shyness. Someone who is shy is just unaccustomed to being in a public forum. A person with social anxiety has enhanced their fears by imagining all the negative things that could happen in public to the point of believing that those negative things will always happen when they’re in public. People with social anxiety often resort to avoiding crowds or isolating themselves from others.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD manifests in unwanted behavior which feels to the sufferer to be beyond their control. People with OCD feel the need to perform their particular ritualized behavior in order to remain safe. If they are prevented in any way from carrying-out their behaviors, they often become highly irritated or distressed.

We have discussed some very important issues in this lesson today. But I don’t want you to get too far ahead and self-diagnose yourself as having one of these conditions. Before you start to seek treatment – which may require a doctor’s care - begin to discover the origin of your anxiety.

I have created a program called A Cure for Anxiety that incorporates certain techniques to get rid of your anxiety for good. It is the very process that literally every single recovered anxiety sufferer has followed without exception.

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