What is Anxiety?

What is Anxiety?What is anxiety? It is a condition of powerful fear, uncertainty, uneasiness, or panic brought about by expectancy of a hostile condition or event.

Anxiety affects about 13% of the world’s population, according to most objective world health sources. In the U.S., anxiety will affect about 40 million this year.

In fact, statistics show that more than 64% of North Americans are actually taking “prescription medications” every day, with more than 42% taking “mood altering prescriptions” on a regular basis.

At A Cure for Anxiety, we’ll take a closer look at anxiety and what effect it has on our lives, how we can handle it, and what it means in the long term.

The Basics of Anxiety

Everyone suffers from anxious feelings at times. It’s normal to be fearful about meeting new people, starting a new job or moving to a new area. While you can learn ways to better handle those situations, curing those anxious feelings completely is neither practical nor desirable.

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Anxiety symptoms may appear to be random but they’re not. Anxiety appears for a reason - stress caused by something happening to you now or by something that happened in the past that you were not able to deal with effectively.

The long term stress-related problems that anxiety generates can be quite severe. If anxiety is not handled properly, the brain dedicates its energy elsewhere, the lungs work harder, the heart pumps faster, and the blood thins due to lack of cellular support.

Sources of Anxiety

Those of us who suffer with anxiety have allowed other factors to interfere with normal stress management. Factors like a poor diet, little to no exercise, and insufficient stress relief can all add up to bigger problems. With some simple lifestyle changes, we can easily conquer this form of anxiety.

In addition, ignoring our feelings in stressful situations or trying to bury our emotions about a painful event from the past often lead to the most difficult anxiety symptoms in our lives. This kind of anxiety is a bit harder to overcome. Yet with some help, we can often eliminate those symptoms as well.

Cures for Anxiety

Too often, anxiety is treated by masking individual symptoms – mainly by using medications. The essence of anxiety is deeper than the symptoms, however.Cure for Anxiety

There are many ways to cure anxiety in your life and all of them are related to eliminating or managing the stress that you have.

But before discussing those cures, let’s talk about what we at A Cure for Anxiety mean by “cure.”

When doctors talk about a cure for a disease, they often mean a treatment a patient undergoes that eliminates that disease form their body.

Sometimes that treatment is on-going or even permanent – the patient is treated for the rest of their life. Diabetics or people with high cholesterol use this form of treatment. While not traditionally called a “cure,” these treatments keep the person healthy without eliminating the “disease” itself.

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Diabetics still need a form sugar and insulin in order to live. And some cholesterol is necessary for optimal health.

Similarly, the treatment or “cure” for anxiety requires this kind on-going treatment. As we explain in our courses, some anxiety is necessary to lead a safe life. In fact, a treatment (or pill) that eliminates all anxiety could prove dangerous!

This on-going treatment model is what we here at A Cure for Anxiety mean when we say “cure.” We don’t advocate eliminating anxiety or just masking its symptoms.

When you learn and master the anxiety “cure” we recommend, you’ll be able to live the life you desire without the pain of anxiety holding you back.

The 3 M’s of Our Anxiety Cure

Through our blog posts, videos, podcasts, programs and webinars, we’ll discuss a host of ways to ease the pain of anxiety today. We refer to our anxiety cure by the three M’s:

The first “M” is Mindset. Through our programs, we’ll teach you a new way to look at your life and the part anxiety has played in it. This is the “what” of our anxiety cure.

Next is Motivation. By working with us, you’ll develop you own positive reasons for moving past anxiety. This is your “why” of curing anxiety.

Finally, Mobilization. You’ll create a personalized action plan to live life on your own terms without the painful effects of anxiety. This is the “how” to cure your own anxiety.


Because A Cure for Anxiety is first and foremost intent on helping people cure their anxiety, we dedicated our website to providing free tips to manage the negative emotions of anxiety.

A Cure for Anxiety emphasizes how essential it is for individuals to acknowledge to themselves that they are indeed suffering from anxiety. Only by recognizing and acknowledging negative feelings can anxiety be cured.

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Knowing what caused you to feel stressed and anxious will also help you solve your problems better. Knowing the cause will always lead to the solution.

It’s also important to give yourself positive reinforcement even for the smallest accomplishments. This will encourage you to continue on your attempts to manage your problems without resorting to unnecessary and dangerous medications or, worse yet, falling into hopelessness or depression.

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